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The fact of the matter is - divorce and promiscuity is not natural...

Unfortunately, many women believe that they have security in a so-called monogamous relationship…if that is true then why is it that nearly 80% of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce and mostly due to the “other woman” whom in fact are already in a polygamous relationship without knowing it? If you've ever wondered about this to yourself continue reading to learn… Read more

Polygamy as a choice for the Modern Family.

"Today the women of the world are not content to live as housewives. In most countries they are striving harder and harder for higher education so that they may participate in the civic duties for their community and nation. In time of war, women like men, have served their country, and in some of them they have fought side by side with the men against the enemy."

C… Read more

Does my dress cause others to look at me inappropriately?

We live in a culture (America) that puts great emphasis on fashion. We spend a lot of time in malls, and department stores, and according to recent information we spend roughly $82 Billion Dollars on clothing a year. We are the most image conscious culture in the world today and as I stated earlier it is not unusual for the "called out ones" to be heavily influe… Read more